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Since I'm a lazy person, I'll just copy-paste what I wrote before.

Originally Posted by TotalAnarchy View Post
When doing a review, remember to follow these guidelines:


1) Review must be longer than 15 lines.
2) Review has 4 sections:
-DOSBox Info
-How to run the game
Last three are optional but should be included if:
a) Notes - if there's additional info you have (trivia, about extras, sequels, hints or helpful comments etc)
b) DOSBox Info - If the game is run using DOSBox and needs a different number of cycles than the default ones. Additional DOSBox tweaking.
c) How to run the game - If there are additional steps needed to run the game besides starting a specific executable, it's recommended to specify them.
3) Not point-based. That means you can divide the main review into sections like (Introduction, Graphics, Sound and so on), but you're not allowed to rate them separately.
4) Include a score from 1 to 5, without counting decimals (only 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
5) I, myself consider this optional, but some updaters would appreciate if you include the game's release info and titles of the games similar to it (already on our site). But if you don't want to, don't do it. The updaters are still obligated to check the release info.
6) Save it in a txt or doc file.


You need to supply at least 5 screens. 5-8 screens is the optimal number. If the review is very long, you can upload up to 15 screens (that's the max). You need to include also the listingshot (titleshot, at the beginning of the game, where the title is displayed). In DOSBox you press Ctrl+F5 to capture a screenshot.

Optimal size of screenshots: 320x200. If there is no such resolution or one that can be resized to this, capture the original resolution.
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