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Default Might and Magic 1-2-3-4-5

Oh, man, what a disappointment.

Well, not that much for the first. This time it was at least obeying the key-commands. My problem was not just the lack of a map, which I knew is coming, but the entire lack of clues how big the areas are.

And we are talking about after reading the manual.

the game also lacks any clue where the heck are you on the map, so though luck makring everything on paper.

I know, I know, I could just look up an extrernal source and learn the maps are 15*15, but what's the fun in that? I wanned to enjoy the genuine, original, pre-internet experience.

So 2 is out of the picture with this too, giving no actual improvement to the gameplay, and 3 is a soft reboot anyway.

I had hopes for 3. It looked fine. Sure, the controls were clunky, but oh, well. Then I've turned around, entered the door, and noticed I have to empty slots for characters. Oook... And those character-types are not in my gorup, and everyone is to hire...
Oh, ye, almost forgot, my first disappointment was that I had no chance for a carater creation. Or the very least party-creation. I mean before starting the friggin' game.
Then I've done the mistake of moving to an open direction. This game turned out WORSE than the first two! It's horribly disorienting, even with the map!
Then some goblin on my screen I thought is a decoration started waving. Obviously marking a hidden room or something. Took a while to figure out how to handle that, but why even put in the feature if you will just tell me it's a "hidden" room?
Anyway, 2 rat jumped on me ANY MASSACRED HALF MY TROOPS. Genious. At least my HEALER was alive. So I thought, time for a healing spell! but the game thought nah, it'll be fine.
Unfortunately for the game, my "robber" was down too, and was required to open the found chest. So I've slept. Opened the chest. Took the stuff in it. No idea what some whistle would have done. Moved a bit around. My robber was down again. Didn't even meet an enemy. No healing option. No place to buy food. Xeen is the exact same game just bigger. F you, Might and Magic.
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