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Default Ancient Enemy

Well, this is Solitaire.
It is a bit... Unchiselled, if you ask me. It feels... a bit too easy to win, given they gave it stakes, a story for frame and everything. And it is not simply that, it is more of the problem you can get too high combos too easily, while you must get them to get top score, and the same time ther simply isn't enough card on the field, AND I think they are static, so what the shop offers to buy can easily be optimalised what to buy, AND maybe it's just me, but I get waaay too many resources to buy stuff from the shop.

On the other hand, solitaire is a good game, this offers two versions of it (clear the field and defeat enemies), and it has enoughn uances to make you think (power-gathering to buy stuff from the shop, creating combos, unlocking stuff on the fields, activating your cards etc.).

I'd like to see though where defense is equal to offense, but it is not, despite skill-tree existing for it. The "problem" of cours eis the "win the stage for 3 stars" system, which is measured by turns spent, and every turn spend on the defense is one turn not defeating the opponent
But that's really a minor thing, and this is an improvement on solitaire, so pretty good casual game. And it tends to be discounted to like half price, which definitely worth it.

On the sidenote, a limitation on the would be required, because you CAN stuck up on them, indefinitely, on any difficulty, and that's... That's instant win whenever you want.
It's not THAT serious though, I spend them regularly to get top-score. Still accumlated like 7 the same time, but average I run like 5 mid-game. Early game it was perfectly balanced to make you consider wether they worth the investment. But at some point I truly got overflown a bit with these, so I've spent.

Oh, be careful on the consumables (meaning Gear-cards). You can easily pick such that cause damage the enemy is immun to. Ye, that factor is actualy very good here, the resists, and the magic/phyiscal damage they can cause. Trains you to pay attention. Like a good solitaire should.

It has its sister-game, Shadowhand, where some pirate-girl does girly-stuff or something. It looks a bit more complex (marginaly, it is still solitaire), but heared the random is pretty though there on the later levels (aka. unfair as F).
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