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Default Pillars of Eternity

Why is there no detailed guide for this?
Why can't you whenever spread your skillpoints?
Why can't you make popups disappear by rightclick?

So many questions.

A problem with the game is the lack of character motivation. Take the Big Three on contrary:
- Fallout 1 had the water-crisis.. Fallout 2 had a clear goal: get a GECK, or eventualy your village will die out. Fallout Tactics sent you eliminating some raiders, which led to the discovery of a new menace, and the story opened up like a flower.
- Baldur's Gate 1 had the motivation of immediate threat. Sure, aside that the protagonist lacked its own motivation, but the contacts gave their motivation to you, and you filled with urge grasped to straws at that point, so their motivation became your motivation. BG2 offered a CHOICE of motivations: get revenge on Irenicus, rescue your half-sister Imoen, or simply accept the situation and work with the shadow thieves lacking any other options.
- Planescape put you into such a weird situation you were happy to jump to conclusions and follow the instructions tattooed on your back!

But Pillars of Eternity give a character whose goal is to settle down, and be a farmer, or what. Point is the character wants anything but adventures.
So you start with a caravan, which stops at a very dangerous place, literaly only a couple of hours away from its goal, to look after WATER for you suffering some illness? Where's the logic and motivation in there?
Situation worsens when you throw away the waterflask you just aquired. Genious. Now do we need water or not? How is water such a commodity anyway?
Whatever, situation worsens: you are put to an open-map world. Which railroads you to your next destination, as the open world map is not open. Uhm.
Ye, you spot some cultists, but remember: it's not your buisness. They die immediately anyway. Pfff.
Then you get to your village. It's a shitty place, but whatever. You can not examine the corpse the game points at, but fortunately I decided to sleep here. No idea otherwise how the main story would have continued on.

Oh, here comes another problem: the lack of source of money! I want to spend my money, but that's somehow is not an option, given there is no source of income for tha game. Not that I can see anyway.
I'd need a reliable source of money, lockpicks, grappling hooks...

Even the order of areas related to quests do not make sense. There's a quest to find some midwife/witch/potion maker. And there's a quest to unlock the blacksmith-shop for trade (I assume). And there's the continuation of the main quest (which is another midwife, how lame). Obviously you'd like to get access the shop, but that's on the way towards the main quest!

Also, why none told me I'll need 4 athletics and 4 mechanics ASAP? Ok, 3 mechnaics if I'm ready to spend lockpicks. Too bad I have no idea how to replenish my lockpicks. Or how to sell my stuff!

Aside that, I was happy beating that bear in that cave without any real problem.

Oh, and it would have beenn ice if the destination-areas would have appeared on the map when the quests were given. Especialy as there are unrelated inaccessible locations on the map for some reason anyway.
The lack of lore-section in the manual doesn't help the situation either.
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