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Thought about playing BG again, on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty, with "what could be the official narrative" concept, as obviously that difficulty is not for solo.
Looked after what LoB actualy is, went through the hirelings, and decided against it.

Still got the narrative though.

So we know, we start alone, Imoen put on your neck at the start (tip: if you really want to be pure solo, kill Imoen in Candlekeep with 1 hit, immediately run to Gorion and talk yourself out of the castle. Perfect. She worth 20 exp, no rep-consequence).

We also know who ended up with the hero finishing BG1 and starting BG2: Imoen (of course), Jehaira with Khalid, Minsc and Dynaheir.

When starting the game (BG1) thus we instantly have Imoen, and in the same area is Xar and Montaron, or something. Definitely a mage and a thief, but the names are too similar (Xan vs Xar and so on). You NEED them, not as for party, but as meatshield. You go to the Friendly Arm Inn as Gorion instructed, to pick up Jaheria (obiously the official love-interrest for BG2) and Khalid. Problem is getting into the inn. Why is it a problem? Assassination-attempt. How is it a problem? You need at least 19 HP on a character to survive a magic missile this bounty hunter casts. The casting is too fast to interrupt, will definitely stay alive long enough to cast it with the mirror images (and fear), and it shoots 3 missiles, each can do 6 DMG apiece. So we can assume a character-death here.

Now we can find certain characters here-and-there, but they were obviously designed as extra companions just for a quest, like the dwarf looking for his caravan, or whoever is at the lighthouse lookng for a tome. So I don't care for those too much.

The next important station is Nashkel, where Jaheira and Khalid is heading. There we meet Edwin and Minsc, both going for Dynaheir. Hire both, rescue Dynaheir, kill Edwin.

There are a couple of other characters we know about, like Montaron's mage died in BG1 and stuff. And we have a list of characters we know stayed alive, so don't be too quickhanded.

But the point is, we actualy filled out quota for characters, so that's it for now. Moving on to BG2.

In BG 2 there is one single character we definitely must accept, and that is Yoshimo.
That leaves one free space in the party still. Well, technicaly two, as we know.

On the sidenote, we know that geneticaly the protagonist is half-god (no-race) half mother-side, this means half-elf never should have been an option.
Also, orignaly the mother of the protagonist when summoned by the solar was definitely human, and even EE extended this only to dwarf, halfling and elf, and not to gnome or orc. Female orcs again still do not exist in either version by skin and portrait.
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