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Default Atari ST gauntlet like game

I remember a game on the Atari ST that reminded me of gauntlet.
- I played it in the 90s. Although I never actually played it because I couldn't get past the title screen. I was very young when I first tried but could probably get past it now.
- The graphics were low-res and probably 16 colour. I think the floor was grey and I remember a lot of light brown.
- I don't remember any sound.
- The game looked like it was probably a gauntlet clone. There was treasure and power-ups to pick up. I think the title screen showed a sample screen from the game and also had a screen with a list of treasure you could pick up. I believe one of the treasures looked like the health drink from gauntlet.
- The perspective was top-down
- The setting was probably fantasy
I don't know if it was a commercial game or not, it could have come on a disk with a magazine, likely STart.
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