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Currently doing a poverty run in Baldur'sGate 1-2-ToB (details on GoG's forum, basicaly I play a sorcerer), then I have some stuff stored, namely:

- Alone in the Dark: A new nightmare (yes, I still run only a win 7, 32 bit system, and with GoG's black friday I said, wynaught)
- Noctropolis (looks hilariously bad)
- Grim Fandango (never played, sounded badly programmed, maybe the remater helped it)
- Obscuritas (I don't even know why I have this, maybe it was super-cheap, and made an emotional purchase)
- Dragonfire: The Well of Souls (hope it works)
- Crypt Killer (hope it works, and gives some fun)
- The House of the Dead (hope it works, the only roller-shooter I played was Die Hard Trilogy's 2nd act, and I'm curious why this game got so famous - btw, I liked the Uwe Boll movie, and its sequel too)

EDIT: I'm doing some progress with Baldur'sGate 1(+TotSC)-2-ToB poverty, sorcerer. You can read it here:
The important thing is the starting stats, where intelligence is dumpstat, and strength is more important then you'd think (some quest items are heavy, and yes, some story-relateditems toohave some weight),and as I do use limited wish, and wishseems to be a demand against Amelyssan, wisdom needs to be high too (though you get bonuses there).
Alignment is good to get a useful familiar (chaotic neutral is a nice thief/explorer),and that's kinda super-important with no gear on you, though mostly helps avoiding a great number of reloads.
As my game is merging all the "trilogy", exp-caps do not exist for me, so I might have some extra spells for the BG1 part.

Here is the spell list I found kinda demanded for such a play:

slvl 1:
1) find familiar (very convenient if it can stealth-explore)
2) identify (to use the Tome of stats, but you can pick whatever you want)
3) magic missile (essential)
4) prot. from evil (against summoned demons mostly)
5) prot. from petrification (it removes some important random rolls, especialy in BG1with all the basilisks,some being unavoidable)

slvl 2:
1) knock (locks are annoying, and I'm not entirely sure there are no story-related locked doors, especialy before Slayer Form what gives 25 STR whatis otherwise demanded in ToB fora story-related door)
2) melf's acidic arrow (justto have some more damage spell, if you feel like it you can pick something else)
3) mirror image (sometimes very very convenient, I strongly suggest this)
4) prot. from fear (very annoying if you don't have this)
5) ?

1) ghost armor (convenient early on, you might exchange it, but I hardly see a better alternative)
2) melf's minute meteors (essential)
3) skull trap (traps are overpowered at situations)
4) ?
5) ?

slvl 4:
1) improved invisibility (most mages won't even do anything if you have this,alsohelps against archers, avoiding fights etc.)
2) stone skin (essential)
3) spider spawn (cheap, effective summons, I love them)
4) ? (maybe minor sequencer for added casting number)
5) ? (maybe olulike's sphere, if it works on you, and doesn't prevent casting - unfortunately even yourself do a saving throw, most assuredly preventing the effect)

slvl 5:
1) sunfire (perfect offensive spell, though fire)
2) spell immunity (this can help imensly in certain situations. It can for starter win your fight against Sharevok in BG1, and later can protect from imprisonment/maze/charm from all kinds of sources)
3) ? (maybe cloudkill is a good idea)
4) ? (maybe protection from electricity - very convenient to have, unlocks the bottom level of Durlag's Tower if you want that, makes you avoid likely reload in the air room in Watcher's Keep, protects in thin trapped corridors, low level...)
5) ?

slvl 6:
1) death spell (convenient)
2) true sight (again convenient)
3) prot. from magic weapons (it is convenient and enough at times)
4) ? (maybe pierce magic)
5) ?

slvl 7:
1) limited wish (it is convenient, and has certain potentials)
2) mordekainen's sword (pretty good summon, although morea defensive thing than offensive)
3) sequencer (maybe. Added casting always good?)
4) ? (prismatic spray maybe, for the ToB drow tunnels?)
5) ? (maybe Khelben's wharding whip against infinite defensive buff enemies)

slvl 8:
1) ? (maybe pierce magic)
2) ? (maybe spell trigger for extra casting)
3) ? (maybe abi dhalzim for extra area damage,casting from cover of fog-of-war)
4) ? (maybe simulacrum)

slvl 9:
1) wish (because Amelissan pretty much demanded for the 1% chance for resetting HP and spells)
2) chain contignency for emergency casting if enemies ambush you at entering, also potentialy extra firepower (beware, that "when enemy sighted is NOT instantaneous when entering an area!)
3) ?
4) ?
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