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Had to see it to belive it. I looked up on torrent search and yes, Fallout 3 for X-box. All ready to be downloaded. Goody.

Whats with the companies these days? They dont seem to care about piracy as they cant come up with any effective copy protection. Everything seems to be crackable.

And my thoughts on piracy: If I want to play a certain game, I play it. If this game is available on online I'l download it. That is all.

However, If I see an interesting game for sale either on a store or online auction, and I have enough money, Il probably buy it, because I like physical things and owning junk.

Still, either of these wont be much support to the gaming industry, as nearly all the games that I've bought or downloaded are too old to bring any noticable profit or its a used copy (If I buy the game that is). There are exceptions for this rule too, for example, my newest game is Season 1 of Sam & Max.
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