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a lot of people who pirate games actually do buy the games, i don't know why some people spread this disinformation

and what's the point? the people who pre-ordered the games get their solid copies anyways, it's not that they leaked a truck of cases with f3 copies

if you've read what people have said in the past about why they need DRM
excuse me? drm has always been and still is a consumer's pain in the ass. but believe me drm protection gets bypassed anyways. just look at spore, people who bought it swear as fcuk because they can install it only 3 times only. but people who have pirated copy can play it anytime anywhere, with removed drm protection

you said you wouldn't want pirates to get hands on your product if you made something. i would be vice-versa happy about it, it's like market research. i know what people want and i see that they do appreciate my work. and people who liked it still buy it anyways
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