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Monkey Island 5 (GoG): I wish I had this game before, because it actualy looks fun. Ok, not at the quality of the first three games, but way above Escape...
The problem: the game's speed is connected to the CPU-speed, what means on modern computers the game is sickeningly fast. It's not unplayable like the original Fallout 2's realse's world-map traveling, but it caused me unfomfort.

Alien Earth (GoG): You wander around, crafting stuff (weapons and puzzle solution), and has a generaly attractive B-movie wibe.
The problem: you have no real idea what you are doing, the respawn-mechanics are unclear, certain things seem obvious to do but you can't (taking a lit lamp), other things are moon logic (for giving the bunny to the mad man is no clue), there's no keyboard layout/controls menu. Also, if you hit the wrong button, the game will freeze. Allegedly you can save the game at beds, but who knows. The game also will freeze if you ever try to change window, so just don't. Also have no idea how to quit properly. The freeze only went away from me by pressing ctrl+alt+del and signing out.

Cat Quest 2: very similar to Cat Quest 1, but the story is weaker, I don't feel why or how I am part of the story I mean. While for the first game you had a clear motivation, in the second installment people TELL you things are bad, but the game does NOT SHOW it to be that way, and to be honest for this the protagonist duo seem to be murder hobos.
Noticable change in mechanics is, you get 2 character (practicaly double HP for single players), and mana is gained by time, not by meleeing enemies. Unfortunately all clothes seem to fit on both characters, and yet to find out how they differ by abilities. (I'm at an early stage with this.)
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