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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

It not needed, Mystvan. v4 is better than all previous versions, and included all DOS games. It's now Win3x that needed to be upgraded.
I’ve already downloaded eXoDOS 4.0. Wow! Its Collection size is about 400 GB...

I understand what you meant.

However, since Backup is Online in the Cloud via Dropbox, and yet with no Storage Limits, I am keeping all previous Versions for comparison and curiosity purposes. After all, I am a Collector...


I am updating the correct size information for each eXoDOS Collection:


eXoDOS 2.0: 375 GB
eXoDOS 3.11 Volume 1: The Adventure Collection: 125 GB
eXoDOS 3.11 Volume 2: The RPG Collection: 20 GB
eXoDOS 3.11 Volume 3: The Strategy Collection: 54.4 GB
eXoDOS 3.11 Volume 4: The Simulation\Sports\Educational Collection: 104 GB
eXoDOS 3.11 Volume 5: The Action Collection: 111 GB
Win3xO: The Win 3.x Collection: 323 GB
eXoDOS 4.0: 491 GB
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