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YouTube Videos

With the opening of our own YouTube channel, we sure won't have a lack of games to upload so we can sure use some help in recording clips. Below you'll find some guidelines and rules if you want to be one of the contributors.


The clips we want have to be one of the following:
- the intro of a game
- gameplay (part where you're playing the game)
- the outro (ending of the game)
- a noteworthy cut scene in a game


DOSBox has an integrated recording mode which starts and ends by pressing CTRL+ALT+F5. The end result will be an AVI file which can be sent to us. You'll need to send a PM to admins or updaters for info on how to upload your file.

Windows games are trickier - some like FRAPS (ONLY with the registered version - otherwise it will have a watermark which is not allowed) but there's plenty of other software for recording clips.


- Better to record too much than too little: if you record the intro, make sure all of it is recorded. If it has music, try to get the song from the start. We can cut away the unneeded stuff but we can't miraculously add removed footage (not without loss in quality anyway).

- No editing of your video before sending it to us. We'll do the editing - it avoids loss of quality. EXCEPT if you can compress your vids without any noticeable loss of quality while keeping the file size down.

- No watermarks on your videos. Some shareware/unregistered programs add these (like FRAPS) but it ruins the authenticity so it's not allowed - either register those programs or find different ones.

- ALWAYS use the internal DOSBox recording utility for DOS games.
The coded used in DOSBox (ZMBV) is excellent and manages to record games in perfect quality while keeping a small file size.

- No files larger than 250MB. Unless you got a good reason!

- Windows clips need to be of good quality. You can ask for help if you can't manage to record a clip of good quality.

- The clip should only show the game window. This means: no task bars, no menu bars, no borders, etc.

- Clips HAVE to be with sound & music if the game has it.
Note that some games will need to be set to Adlib for music to be recorded in DOSBox. Replacing the music or sound or completely removing is not allowed: we want the authentic experience.

- Intros need to be worth uploading.
Don't send us vids of just text running on a screen. Animations, images, FMV, etc. are all cool so pick games with a proper intro.

- Minimum lenght of a vid is 30 seconds.

- Maximum lenght is 10 minutes.

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