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Review Guidelines
A long time ago Abandonia hosted a lot of stub reviews that didn't analyse game elements deep enough to be considered objective. It was done in a hurry, in order to speed the process of uploading the games on site. But now we actually require you to follow some rules:

-Review Size. Probably you didn't know until now, but we don't accept reviews smaller than 15 lines.

-Review Sections. The review has the main part, the important one, where you write the review itself and 3 more optional sections: Notes, DOSBox Info and How To Run the Game? In Notes you mention additional interesting stuff, like trivia, some info about the extras, addons and so on; DOSBox Info - very useful where you advise gamers how many cycles to use and if there is a need for additional DOSBox lines; How To Run the Game? includes the actions you must do in order to run properly the game, like specifying the .exe, .bat or .com file to run or in what kind of environments you can run the game and how (XP, DOSBox, VDMSound, Winfrotz, Frotz etc) for example.

-Uploading Your Review. Using your FTP Access (received in a PM), you should upload the review on FTP preferably in a txt file, because it allows us to work faster. But you can also upload it as doc or rtf.

-Number of Screens. Of course we need some screens for the gamepage. The minimum is 5 screens, the max is 15. 5-8 screens is the optimal number, you can upload up to 15 if the review is longer. There is an exception to this rule, though: text games - for those we require 1-3 images.

-Capturing the Screens. In DOSBox you press Ctrl+F5 to capture screens. For Windows-only games you can use the Print Screen button to save the full screen or Alt+Print Screen to capture the current window, or you can use third-party applications like Faststone Capture or IrfanView. Always save the screens as .png; only in the worst case possible do it in .bmp, but remember that it will give us some extra work, which we don't like to do. After making the screens compile them all in a ZIP/RAR archive and upload it on FTP.

-Screen Size. The screens we need should be 320x200 in resolution, or one that can be resized to 320x200. Upload another size only if there is no such resolution and it is the original (not resized or cropped).

-Be Creative. Feel free to write your own opinion, to try different approaches, simply making art out of your own review.

-Don't Forget to add the score, numbers from 1 to 5 (not "1.x") and "similar games" recommendations. Please. Preferably at the end of the review.
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