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Default stanleyopar2000 - HUGE LIST of Games That I Can Give To Abandonia

It's DA BOMB and I have A List Of games that are not protected and some that are not on the oldwarez list. (and boy I got Lots!)
  • Monuments On Mars
  • Tear Down The Wall
  • Graphics Adventure Builder
  • Mirror Maze
  • 3D Maze
  • Moria
  • ADOM
  • Son Of Stagefright
  • SeaHunt
  • Carwash
  • Aldo's Adventure
  • Junglejack
  • Bigrig
  • Leaper (aka: Frogger)
  • 4D Prince Of Persia
  • Hogbear 2
  • Sint
  • Pinball Games I
  • Robomaze II: The Lobby
  • F19 Stealth Fighter
  • Dinosaur Desiginer (not a game)
  • Risk II
  • Cubeaz (rubrix cube game)
  • Tank Wars
  • Microsoft Best Of Entertainment Pack (don't know if protected) (not DOS)
  • VGA Roulette (I think)
  • Doom 2D
  • Elevator
  • Hunt
  • Amaze (build your own mazes!)
  • The Hobbit
  • Yet another Tetris (Not DOS) (old)
So these are the games that I can give and review (lot huh) I might have more so If I do, I will update this post


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