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Aldo's Adventure
Astro (asteroids clone)
Leaper (Very good frogger clone)
Monuments on Mars Episode 1
Mines - Another addictive logic game. Avoid the mines. Has great features -- walls and magnetic walls.
Mummies (Robotron clone)
Baby (bouncing babies) (almost unplayable due to speed issues)
Duke Nukem II (the clean one lol)
Pinball Games 1 - 11 Multiplayer Pinball games squeezed into one file that are just like the real thing. The only thing you can't do is tilt the computer (well you can tilt the computer, but it won't do you any good). Includes: Centerfielder, Cyclops, Flume, Magic, Master-Blaster, Mystery, Pinball, Rain, Razors, Twilight Zone, and Wizard.

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