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(not sure if this fits but..)


Doom Construction Kit - Editing maps is easier than ever with the DOOM Construction Kit, a highly featured id game editor complete with a button-bar menu interface. Use your mouse to drag and drop objects, and to cut and paste. Recent revisions have added support for all three id games. On-line help is provided. In addition, the kit is now compiled in 386 32-bit code, and new features have been added, such as UNDO, better documentation, enhanced door/lift creators, auto-zoom, flipping, unmarking, and paint. The painter now displays a menu of setting combinations to copy; the stairs function has an effective preview window; and the save function has a consistency checker. If you're into id game editing, this is worth a look. (Shareware)

Doom Designers Handbook WAD - The DOOM Designer's Handbook WAD is written for would-be or struggling DOOM WAD designers. The program provides an ASCII text version and a Windows help file in a concise format that can be printed out for handy reference. Access the excellent glossary, tips, and effects for design guidance, and use the checklist for finishing up. Tables containing sizes and dimensions, common errors, and error-message definitions are provided. An example WAD for DOOM I and II is included for studying purposes. Create that award-winning WAD file by using the wealth of information found here. (Free)

DOOM Editor for WINDOWS - DOOM Editor for Windows is a DOOM WAD editor that lets you select and delete multiple objects. You can also view and edit sprites, panels, floors/ceilings, and textures. Import/export all sounds, then play or convert them to WAV files. When you're in map-edit mode, you can work with grid settings and platforms and compile statistics, creating a complete map in minutes. Many editors clutter up your DOOM directory, but this one resides in its own subdirectory. Recent updates have enhanced many features in this editor. The most noteworthy is a new automatic tutorial feature for editing and creating WAD files. Note that you should install this program on the same drive where your DOOM games reside. The program is also available on CD-ROM (Shareware: Free to try, $25-$50 if you decide to keep it. )

DOOM-IT - The DOOM-IT setup program will make running your DOOM and Heretic games easy. Selecting single or multiplayer games, you can easily start your games without having to bother with all the command-line parameters. You have the ability to define five sets of default startups from the menu. Once you set your paths, they're saved and you're ready to go. The really nice part of DOOM-IT is that it will work with all registered versions of DOOM shareware, DOOM II, and now Heretic. Simply click on your choice of games, including up to nine PWADS at once, and DehackEd patches from a pick list, warps to any level, and records games. Serial and modem games are handled, and there is a handy phone book for storing your opponents' listings. When exiting a game, DOOM-IT will reload and you are ready to select a new game. A mouse is recommended but not necessary, as DOOM-IT will work from the keyboard. Setup is very easy with the good documentation--including some Heretic information. There are two levels of registration. The higher level includes a disk with your name written into the program and a collection of WADs for DOOM and DOOM II, as well as all updates. (Shareware: Free to try, $5-$9 if you decide to keep it.)

DoomCAD - game level editor that modifies existing episodes or creates new ones from scratch. If you've already conquered DOOM II but are still addicted, check out
DOOMCAD. It makes creating levels a breeze. Convert DOOM WADs from the v1 series to DOOM II WADs. It even has a prefab construction kit that allows you to quickly add common game features, such as rooms, staircases, and hallways, with the click of a button. Also included in the package are programs to build your nodes/blockmaps, which makes the process much faster. There is also a program to merge WAD files with different levels into one WAD file. Lastly, a WAD view program allows you to view graphics in a WAD and optionally export them. Online help is available. This major update lets you edit and create WAD files for DOOM I, DOOM II, and Heretic all in one package
(Shareware: Free to try, $20 if you decide to keep it)

RICK'S WAD TEXT EDITOR - Rick's WAD Text Editor is an editor for text files found in WAD file archives. From the outset of constructing WAD files for DOOM, Heretic, and Dark Forces there has been a suggested and widely used text-file format for informing the user about the WAD file. Rick's WAD Text Editor let's you simply fill in blanks for a perfectly formatted text file to enclose with your WADs, no matter what WAD editors you may use. (Shareware: Free to try, $2 if you decide to keep it)
Heretic Editor Utility - Heretic Editor Utility is a fully operating level editor that supports all the special sectors and other specific Heretic operations. Based on code from the popular DEU 5.2 DOOM editor (with slight modifications), HUE includes documentation on the concepts of Heretic plus hints and cheats for the game. This utility was written for those already familiar with DEU and WAD editing; it does not offer a lot of help in actual editing. If you are not already familiar with editing, it is suggested that you secure a copy of one of the many files that deal with WAD editing with DEU. This archive includes a complete listing of all levels and missions in Heretic, and a DWANGO WAD file--created with this editor--for play on the popular DWANGO server. Also included is a separate, improved nodes builder. There are suggestions on what makes a good or bad WAD file, and what to look for when testing your creation.

Heretic Hack Editor - The Heretic Hack Editor (HHE) lets you modify the Heretic EXE file in the same way the DeHackEd editor works for DOOM. Simply edit the INI file for the correct paths, and you're ready. Use your mouse, the menu interface, and hotkeys to edit objects, frames, weapons, sounds, sprites, text, and pointers. The dialog boxes also let you to make any desired changes. HHE backs up your Heretic EXE file before any changes are made, and it's a fast and easy way to create game patches for Heretic


DOOM 1 -
- Castle of Evil
- Chambers of Death
- Eternity
- Final Gathering

- Haunted
- Last Resort
- Solar Flare
- The Waterfront

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