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making separate posts so this is better organized. Don't crucify me



Castle - Search through a multi-level castle. Try to find the hidden room. Challenging, yet easy enough to get youngsters involved. (Free)

Crystal Caves - If you thought Commander Keen and Duke Nukem were challenging, you will love this new game from the same folks. Explore various caves, collecting crystals while watching for snakes, rocks that move, elevators, doors, traps, stalactites and stalagmites, partially hidden, hungry monsters, shooting flames, poison mushrooms and little green monsters. Total of 16 caves to explore. Save and restore at each level, timed functions, joystick support. Ver. 1.0. ( Shareware: Free to try, $30 if you decide to keep it.) [I personally have all 3 full episodes]

Moria [B&W and much more simpler adventure "@" game] - The Dungeons of Moria is like Hack but easier to set up. Uses Rogue-like commands and a map based playing field rather than text. You have a wide choice of characters, armor, weapons, spells, etc. and fight lots of great monsters like ants, bats, centipedes, dragons, elementals, frogs, ghosts, harpies, icky-things, jackals, kobolds, lice, mold. Well, you get the idea. Now with more tricks, pitfalls, and commands. (Free)

Alice In Wonderland - [already on abandonia]

Piperun - Great. Fast adventure. Find the treasures and get back home. (Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it.)

Pitfall (NOT AN ACTIVISION ATARI 2600 CLONE) - You're falling. Avoid the walls and demons. A deceptively simple game that needs a good deal of looking ahead to win. (Public Domain)

Paganitzu - In this arcade adventure game, you are Alabama Smith, a well-known archaeologist, on an expedition to locate the crystal rose and silver dagger hidden in the Aztec pyramid of Paganitzu. The game challenges the player to create an escape route while dodging the perils of the pyramid. Has save and restore, joystick support, and built-in hints. Problem solving in an excellent graphics environment. (Shareware: Free to try, 15 if you decide to keep it)

Son of Stagefright - There's plenty of spooky atmosphere in this theater-goer's nightmare that has you finding your way out of a creepy abandoned theater. Tiptoe along catwalks, wend your way through mini-mazes, and encounter a range of weirdos. Bad jokes and word play abound. (This game is a sequel to the retail game Stagefright.)[Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it]


Hogbear 2 - Find Hogbear, learn his secret and leave the house. 38 rooms. On-line help. Good strategy necessary. Save and restore. Map-based game uses text and function key commands. LONG. LENGTHY and Annoying as FUCK shareware screen every time game is launched (Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it.)

Leong - Land mine game with frills. Get to safety through a mine field with a faulty mine detector. Boss key. (Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it)

Cunning Football - Allows you to play football against the computer in real time. You select and control plays. It displays the action and you control key players. Runs from the keyboard, mouse, or joystick. This is like the great 25 cent trackball game that used to be found in the arcades (Shareware: Free to try, $25 if you decide to keep it)

Kalaha - African bean game for 1 player against the computer. Will support a mouse. (Shareware: Free to try, $10 if you decide to keep it.)

Klondike - Klondike is probably the most well-known of all the Solitaire card games. This program features excellent graphics and is very intuitive. Users rate it as the best Solitaire game available for PCs. Also called Fascination or China Man. (Shareware: Free to try, $15-20 if you decide to keep it)

Power Chess - Solid chess game with all the frills. Obeys all the international chess rules. Recognizes stalemate and technical draw. Keeps an index of moves. Allows for take back of moves. Allows custom setups of the board. Even announces checkmate in "n" moves. Other features. Has 64 setups and 2 sample games files. Nice display. Lots of documentation (Shareware: Free to try, $35 if you decide to keep it)

World Empire - Feeling omnipotent? In World Empire your job is to conquer the world and bring it under your ideology. To succeed, you must defeat the competing ideologies (choose from socialism, realism, militarism, and populism). The strategy game is set in the not-too-distant future when the
people are tired of weakened nationalist governments that bicker over trade restrictions and border disagreements. It has good arcade-style graphics
. (Shareware: Free to try, $25 if you decide to keep it)

Tear Down The Wall - Good strategy game. Remove bricks trying to get the biggest piece of the wall to fall. For 2 players or against the computer (but you have to be real good). Optionally uses a mouse. (Shareware: Free to try, $5 if you decide to keep it)

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