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Originally Posted by marko river View Post
There was no option to send you PM, just email and I'm not sure what was the mail address. I checked just a little bit and found some games are still here: World Empire and Yacht-z II. Don't know about others, I just checked random two to see do we still have those archives. Other archives are probably there too, don't feel like checking them all.

I couldn't find Dinosaur Designer though. Too bad about the box. In mail to you, I also wrote to get some software and create floppy image of the game (or whatever it is). It is enough to provide the zip of the archive, but when possible we like to provide image as well, in order or preserving
tested the ol '91 floppy yesterday on a sony USB power zipdrive. works like a charm ..and lol silly me...had PM'ing off...xD
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