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Originally Posted by stanleyopar2000 View Post no ending.....good : D

does anybody have access to the FTP file I put on there?

that way i know WHICH exact ones I'm reviewing...
holy shit. I usually don't double post but goddamn...I didn't get a straight answer LOL

this 6 year thread needs to have an ultimatum..I'm still happy and willing to donate my games to Abandonia

EX: "The Dinosaur Designer" is not even available for download anywhere on the internet...yet I have the floppy...(DON'T Have the Box anymore as some genius threw it away!!)
found boxshot on an old ebay listing here =>

with my life the way it's going and my JOB (was in grade school when this thread was my time flies) I don't have time to review all 70 games...but would love to donate them to the internet so they can be preserved

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