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Thumbs up Foot Blisters!

Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post

My advice:

01) Have a healthy breakfast before starting physical activities;
02) Do stretching before beginning physical activities;
03) Wear proper and good quality sneakers;
04) Run in a relaxed way, so that the feet and legs become relaxed, as running causes a high impact on the lower limbs;
05) Respect physical limits;
06) Avoid climbing stairs over several floors unless absolutely necessary;
07) Avoid running a long route without being accustomed to this distance and time.

So the ideal would be to start running after getting used to that distance and gaining muscle. Then gradually increase the distance to be traveled as long as you respect the physical limits of the person. It is necessary to have patience and objectivity in the execution of physical exercises.
One thing I forgot to mention would be that during physical exercise blisters could arise on the sole of the foot, primarily in the region of the toes. I remember that even with these annoyances, I persisted until the blisters were gone.

As I currently do not have this type of problem anymore, I remember that these foot blisters can arise if you exceed your physical limit of the moment. Wait until you get used to this level of physical activity intensity and gradually increasing without causing discomfort due to blisters and muscle pain.
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