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Thumbs up The Benefits I Notice after the Elimination of Sugar (in my third time)

The Benefits I Notice after the Elimination of Sugar (in my third time):

01) I stopped salivating a lot;
02) I stopped having digestive fermentation of the food ingested;
03) I have less nasal discharge in the morning;
04) Prevents cavities and gum pains;
05) Prevents unnecessary weight gain;
06) Faster and easier weight loss;
07) Increased resistance of the immune system;
08) Other effects I ignore by not being a doctor, but certainly no one benefits by consuming industrialized refined sugar.

If you want to be healthier, consume moderately sugarcane molasses or honey, as both have minerals and other nutrients that refined refined sugar is lacking. And who is saying this would be someone who really liked sweets and was a real human ant or ant-man!

I would also avoid excessive consumption of meats, even lean meats. I am prioritizing egg proteins and those of vegetable origin. And if necessary, I also ingest the vitamin B12 that plant proteins lack.

And consume the pasta also in a moderate way so that there is no weight gain.
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