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Default [Amayirot Akago] Volleyfire


I need help remembering the title of a game I played maany years ago

Year: Late 90s - 2000s
Console: Gameboy/gameboy color.
Source: The game was black and white, and came in one of those 50 in 1 cartridges you find in asian stalls back in the day

- Its a top-down view, airplane/fighter game (like raiden or 1945)
- Your plane is one the bottom facing up, you can only move left or right.
- In each level there is one enemy to fight.
- The enemy plane is on the top facing down, it can only move left or right
- In the middle separating the two "players" are 2-3 rows of asteroids (placed in a defined pattern with gaps) which block the bullets shot by the player or the NPC.
- The asteroids also run side to side and never hit the player or the NPC.
- You win by reducing the enemy's life bar to zero. A time limit may also be involved. You lose when your life is reduced to zero from enemy shots.

Any help on the name is appreciated. Thank beforehand
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