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1) I prefer not to use "House Rules", that I NEED an AI Tec, AI Energy and AI Industry is clear, but that shall be all. AI Warfare Tec, AI War Engine, AI War Center, END. Even that is considered "cheating" already - that ALL AI in ALL games cheats, and that Ascendancy needs that most, who cares.

2) Yes, Research Points include a Multiplier somewhere, I think within the .exe, but anyhow my Tec Tree seems perfect to me, a beauty, and all well established.

3) HIGHLY appreciate that I can talk a little.

4) I did the best my brain could do enhance that as good as I can. Obviously, that result was my absolute best and maximum. I worked on advanced and by far superior diplomacy for my Ascendelyxe 2.1 version, perhaps next few weeks when another testplay I could finish that 2.1 up. But that is my personal best I was capable of, and I am satisfied within these boundaries.

5) IF you think to get that done better, feel free! If some guy out there would be capable of doing that even better, do it! Since you can use Notepad++, and since you used already COBExtractor, just change that into your prefered values and send it to me. I am expert enough to see what I will see then.

6) But as long no good Python programmer would open the accessible .exe to enhance stuff completely - my patience with Antag.exe wore zero, and my patience with all these lacks wore into a stage where I say: I did my best, not MY fault the lack of other kants. These Logic Factory guys were capable 2011 to do an IOS only version, so these sh**y guys had some years plus easy access to enhance that game and did NOTHING. We speak about Ascendancy, a highly frustrating and lacking game from 1995 its own creators didnt find worthy to change for 50 kb in its .exe, so, that I came that far is a nice touch for me! That the Disintegrator shoots finally, for example.

7) I currently fulfilled yet another dream of my childhood - a Star General SSI total conversion so that will be my fun now! Ascendancy is not a thing of my total focus, that cranc little kant.

8) Ooo, yes, what you forgot: The slots are not infinite. So, any planet shall build at least something, and the orbit has 10 slots, a planet far more. I actually dont care at all. A human player has to build up a basic colony, then shipyard, dockyard, weapons and shields, that limits the orbital structures, but it is INTENDED that the human player would build up shipyard dockyard super orbital facilities - if the human player wants to perfect that, he still has MORE slots on planet surface, but still not infinite, so, to increase quality he should increase quality, since he could do it.

To increase research is not necessary, but possible. To increase industry would be necessary and possible, the human player can build basic structures, and if possible or necessary, could build enhanced structures, and that is costly, simply. You increase the SLOT quality when all slots filled, if necessary, cause possible. But you dont need to. In huge til giant galaxies you should do it to match the huge AI enemies OR, on heavy or brutal, the huge advantage of AI industry boost.

I wanted the human player to be capable of enhancing quality, or to be capable of spare that micro management orgy completely. So! You can just build up basics, then orbit, then have fun, OR, you could enhance the slots by quality building specialized super planets. I just dont think that any human out there would mass spam micro managing all planets to the bitter death. So, you could do all you wish, but you could spare that either, to just game. But to enhance quality is costly and comes with a cost, both, time and micro management. It is an option to increase, sometimes necessary, often just the benefit of luxury. That is intended to work that way.

That are my thoughts about it. And Xeno Archeology, I even wanted to increase in time, NOT decrease! Or to delete it completely, cause that is in any case an OP thing giving OP stuff, at the moment.

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