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Now... the early SimCity games.


- SimCity + Addons (Terrain Editor, Graphic Sets 1 & 2) for all graphic cards. No matter what mode you choose from SETTINGS.EXE you won't be asked to insert more floppies. Everything sits now on the harddrive. Load the game as is with SIMCITY.EXE or an unprotected version (Locksmith) with CRACK.COM.

- SimCity + Add-ons (Tandy) - The same thing, but only Tandy graphics and sound are installed. Which means you can now enjoy the Tandy sound (with DOSBox or similar) because these early builds of the game only support PC Speaker, Tandy 3-voice sound or the Covox Sound Master, which is still unemulated.

- SimCity Classic + Addons (The Terrain Editor is already included, so, Graphic Sets 1 & 2 and Classic Graphics, which only works with this version of the game). This is an updated version of the game, which drops Tandy support. In exchange, it doesn't have any copy protection and supports plenty of soundcards.

Everything is available here for limited time:

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