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Default Dark Horizons Lore Invasion Review

DHLI is a fantastic mech FPS game. The movement and projectile mechanics are simple to learn but require skill to use effectively, and mechs are customizable so you can have different experiences each time you play.

The game centers around two battling factions: the Federated States and the Eastern Confederation. While both factions use autocannons, the Federated States uses plasma guns, homing missiles, and lasers while the Eastern Confederation uses rockets, artillery, and machine guns. This gives each faction an unique character and a unique playing experience.

Each faction has four mech types - Scout, Infantry, Assault, and Tank. Scout, Infantry, and Assault are all walking mechs that can utilize jump jets to some degree. Scouts have very little armor but are very mobile. Infantry has more armor and firepower than a scout, but is not as maneuverable. Assault mechs provide more armor and firepower than infantry mechs, but can no longer fly with their jump jets, and are slower. Tank mechs have the most armor and firepower of all options, but cannot strafe, and cannot use jump jets.

The game is primarily a multiplayer game, although you can try your skill against bots in single player. There are three game modes: team death match, capture the core, and assault. In team death match, the goal is to destroy the enemy mechs more than they destroy you. Capture the core is a capture the flag mode - infiltrate the enemy base, pick up the enemy core, and return it to your base. In assault, your team must capture and hold key locations of the map - as you control them you get more points, and if you hold all key points for long enough you will win the game. The different objectives of each game type make strategizing with your team mates important. In addition, the strategies employed will vary from game to game.

There are a variety of maps to play, giving each game a different aesthetic. There are maps focused on cities, outposts, grasslands, islands, deserts, tundra, and more. The unique terrain features of each map guide the strategies and fights.

Support for the game ended in 2008, but in 2019, community members modded the game so that multiplayer runs smoothly again. There is an informal player site at, where the game is available for download and players regularly schedule games. The small community adds its own element to the game - the multiplayer atmosphere is very enjoyable, and the players are all kind and helpful. We're there to have a good time.

In conclusion, Dark Horizons Lore Invasion is a fantastic game that offers endless fun and great replayability. The game can be downloaded at Get the "full version" by [PBG]Slingshot.
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