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Originally Posted by Strelok5590 View Post
Wait, ISG is pretty cheap right now, I should grab it... I'm technically supposed to write something about the impact of the Greek citizenship by investment (link removed) on the country's economy and real estate market, but, well, I've still got a couple days left, and I'm a quick writer, so...
lol.. well I hope you enjoyed it.. you won't be able to tell me if you did as you've since been banned I see lol. Maybe I won't click on that link you posted lol!!!

Well.. time is running out on the steam sale and the general response I'm getting in most places I asked was either silence or 'never heard of it so I don't know if it's good' haha.. However after watching that let's play series I previously posted that sold it for me and I hit the button lol!

As expected it’s graphics aren’t exactly revolutionary lol but damn is it addictive and fun to play. Last few days I've barely eaten, slept, worked.. it’s all gone to hell haha!!


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