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Default [Megaten] Dare to Dream

Hey guys! I have been looking for this game for awhile, and all I really remember of it is a few vague flashes, so I apologize in advance.

Firstly, it was a 1st person adventure game, kind of like Myst, but with cartoony graphics (i think) I dont believe you ever saw the actual main character till the end.

You start off in an alleyway (i think) and the first item you pick up is a pair of white and red polka dotted boxers (i do not know why)

Later on you meet some kind of alligator/lizard in a sewer (i think)

Later you are in a ransacked office with a clock with both hands spinning wildly ( you do something to the clock)

Then (somehow) you in some kind of alternate dimension and there are a bunch of wooden crosses off in the distance? and there is some one or something there you talk to?!?!

And in the end you wake up

I am probably not remembering this correctly, but this was probably around 1995. I just remember it being very bizarre, and havent been able to find it since. Thanks!
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