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if you can find outcast and if you can find the patch for it
get it!
Outcast has excellent graphics (voxel... but still nice... I could still play it again)
very big
quite a few quests which actually relate to the story
and quite a good story.
It has some humor in it aswell... you can see it was made by Belgians who were upset with the poor support for programmers and technology in belgium from the following ingame quotes:

1) "we succeed... the drone we launched went through the portal into a completely new dimension"
"where did you end up... Belgium?"

2) "enormous humidity and idiots everywhere... I was right... this IS Belgium"

or something like that

and one of the best musical soundtracks in a game EVER BY The Moscow Symphony Orchestra!
Perhaps somebody could put it on the site... the music is easily extracted from the CD.

really a pity outcast II never made it... the preview graphics looked breathtaking...
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