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Default Comment on "Best 20 PC - Games in History"

Monkey Island-series Owned both MI 1 and MI 2 on Amiga, and it ROCKED! After MI 2, something changed, and the game lost is charm.. TOTALY.....
I wouldn't agree. IMO, Monkey Island 3 is the best in series. Everything got better including humor and gameplay. The graphics and music is superb. The only weak side is animation, but the rest makes up for it. And Murray...
Funny thing, in the last part of the game you can see scenes from previous sequels, I really thought that this is the last in the series. It would be better if it was. MI4 is for kids only and they ruined the whole ambience by introducing tourists. And I don't think the sequels will be any better.


Total Annihilation THE BEST real-time strategy game ever made... sorry all C&C/Starcraft fans.. but this beats the living cow-dropping out of them.. All units are polygone, tones of extra units avalible, and DAYS of no sleep on LAN-parties..
Now, this one IS the best of genre. What I like the most about it is the variety of units. There are giant slow-turning cannons with range that covers the whole map (a rather HUGE map) and there are tiny unarmed scout airplanes that are so fast they can be hit only with guided missiles.
And the physics add much to experience. Units accelerate and decelerate when moving and turning (which makes them more alive), unlike C&C units that first rotate 'till they're heading in the right direction then they simply start moving at constant speed until they get where you ordered them - too boring to watch.
This game introduced many innovations into genre and I have yet to see a RTS as playable as Total Annihilation.
(The face of red alert fan after reading this post: :evil

BTW, I must try out Outcast. Really look like a great game.
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