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Originally Posted by LianneJW1912 View Post
Some of the text didn't convert well from my program to the PDF file, so the fonts were slightly different, but I was still happy with the fonts overall so I kept them... Next time I'll probably have more time to see what works and doesn't. As for Nausicaa? I kind of assumed it was obvious that it was a picture representative of myself as an editor, as it wasn't from a video game and on the editorial page... As it stands you seem to have had no trouble figuring out what it was.. I could approach the question of Adventure titles fading from AAA Gaming, but you could too :P Why not write an article? But thanks for your feedback!
I thank you for the offer, but I decline. I think you, red_avatar (Damn it! I cannot think of anything to poke red_avatar! Bonk! Bonk!), AB Times and Updates Tracker (very hungary for Updates and AT) are able to write and edit the texts.

Well, I think MiLady of the Rings also writes the reviews well and if she joined you, it would be a good reinforcement.

I forgot to mention that the picture is not from the movie and most likely from the great filmmaker’s comic.

And also I forgot to mention that I liked that you address the issue not only about the games but also the developers responsible for the game. Besides, I really like Frank Klepacki’s compositions.
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