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Greetings from Poke-man, Bonk! Bonk! (E / Li)Lianne Jane Watson.

I do not know the games like the Grand Mentat marko River ........ and Grandmaster Spectreman. So I will give some positive and constructive criticism as a reader so that the next versions are better and easier to read.

• I noticed that some texts were not in bold. As the font height of the letters was large and the thickness was narrow, this made it difficult to read the text. Especially in the first pages where the background was black and the color of the font was white. I suggest you make the fonts in bold for easy reading of the texts.

• I do not see any problem in putting images out of the universe of games, but at least you could put a caption saying it was a snapshot from the movie “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”.

• Now, it is just a whim of mine, but you could approach the question that the Adventure genre is fading into the big game producers and only remaining as Indie games. Even LucasArts canceled Sam & Max 2 and many employees resigned and formed another company.

• I do not understand why the 1st Person games are making so much success with the 3rd Person. And those who have labyrinthitis? I could say the same for the Isometric, Platform, Side Scrolling and Top Down games.
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