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Originally Posted by marko river View Post
I'm gonna join paco and become all wet

you have all that stuff??? Where have you been all this time man??

Actually, I think we are also interested in extras of the same game but from different country, especially if there are differences (and obviously there are). Same goes for game that aren't on our site right now but can be considered old (even if they are still protected).

Did you just said Roadwar Europe????? You are positive that it is Roadwar Europe, not Roadwar 2000???? I've been searching for that one for along time now. I want it want it want it!!!!! Actually I also need it, since it is not exactly the same as Roadwar 2000 and I wanted to check manual before reviewing the game...

Mate, please don't vanish from the site... This is your holy mission, to provide all that material so we can preserve it, and show our kids the games when games were still fun and interesting and inspirational.... I better stop, I can get carried away easily

I'll stick around. I am big on preservation myself.

One last question-- I'll be dumping this stuff here exclusively. Do you want me to put an Abandonia watermark or tag somewhere on the PDF?


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