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Originally Posted by Paco View Post
80 MB is below the Limit so that would be ok, but its must be in zip-Format or AB wouldnt accept it.

Can you also make a pre-installed Archive instead of a ISO?

removed ISO from Thread-Title. hope its better now?
Unfortunately, The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain reads directly from the CD-ROM, so users will still need to install the game so that they can save their games. Fortunately, I found that by simply copying the contents of The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain CD-ROM to a folder, it can be run without the CD! When compressed using the conventional ZIP file format, said folder's size is 110MB - and that's with all the video and audio intact! As I also intend to upload a review for The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain (complete with in-game screenshots per Abandonia regulations), I'll be sure to include the installation and play instructions in the review.

EDIT: Thanks for fixing the thread title for this thread, Paco! Now I can offer more than just ISOs!
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