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Originally Posted by Saccade View Post

Have you got that cool art book that came with Darkseed..?
I can't remember if it came with I or II, but it was a load of artwork from the game(s) and some stuff that wasn't used.

If you have one (as I think they came with special editions or something) I'd give you cookies for a copy
Sorting by importance:
a) I want the cookies now!
b) I am not aware of what you are talking about - should I open the Darkseed II sealed box? - it is a nasty thing to ask, just because it is a trapezoidal box, and the jewelcase will drop and never stay anymore in the original spot unless I use glue!
c) The fact is that I am very curious now!, and I will need to know more about this "story".
d) My Darkseed (I) is just a jewelcase... sealed. I see no book there...
So, it seems that REGRETFULLY I have no right to any cookies!
But I will try to know better...
Thank you, anyway!
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