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Originally Posted by Ceres View Post
The game is fantastic and I've just discovered it. But I have a big problem with getting through one stage on level 4th: I just can't deal with Chef Childish!! Maybe something's wrong with my game, but she's just to quick for Willy to do anything after he walks behind the couloir. I catch the pan and try to throw it somewhere between the pot and the cook, but nothing happens and the cook catches me sooner than I manage to do anything else. What do I do wrong? Should I use the key "operate" or should I throw the pan into Willy's rucksack or in a very specific point of the floor? I don;t know, please help me, I'm becoming depressed because of it
Are you running the game in DOSBox? If you run the game on any PC with a Pentium processor you need to use that utility (available on this very website!) Press Ctrl-F11 to slow down the game & Ctrl-F12 to speed up the game. The number of CPU cycles shown in DOSBox's title bar is the speed of the animations in the game.

I have a different problem. I've managed to throw the chalice into the sink, sneak up behind the chef, pour the oil into the pot & onto the floor, & push the pot. After I sneak back to the kitchen's entrance & get onto the conveyor belt, the darn chef starts screaming! I put the helmet on her head, but when I leave Willy gets caught every time!

What else can I do to muffle the chef?
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