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Do I just run the game executeable or do I have to install it. I am not sure what to do there.
Most games on Abandonia and other abandonware sites come pre-installed. So you first try running the game itself and then check for any configuration utilities if there's something wrong with sound options.
I don't want to do something and it is going to install stuff all over my computer IF you know what I mean.
What's ran in DOSBox - stays in DOSBox, if you get my meaning. No program you run within DOSBox will have access to any directories or drives you have not mounted.
With DosBox do games run direct, or do they have to be installed somewhere like in old Dos.
This depends on whether the game came pre-installed or not. If it didn't (like those original CD's you said you own), you'll need to install it yourself - which is going to work every bit the same like in regular DOS.

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