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Originally Posted by _r.u.s.s. View Post
which tutorial was you using?

you need to understand that with mount command, dosbox simply replaces your real patsh with imaginary ones, so the games would think it's the imaginary

for example mount c: D:\dosgames\ would make things that run in dosbox think that stuff in directory d:\dosgames is drive C.

if you want to install something it doesn't need any special treatment if you are gonna run everything in dosbox. its just gonna put stuff physicaly on your drive directory with dos games that has been mounted, while it will act like it's located simply on C: (or differently chosen) drive. and you will acces it as C: as well.

so wanna install a game? no problem, act like it was a normal dos system, just know that the files will be stored elsewhere, there where you mounted it

btw if you want to mount a cdrom drive use mount x: y:\ -t cdrom command, where x: is what is your virtual cdrom gonna be called like and y: what is the patch to the real location that will act like a cdrom in dosbox
Oh, I got the mounting thing down. I have it saved so that it navigates to my directory too, that was no problem. As I said I was able to download Dark Seed and play it, but now I downloaded Bioforge and unzipped it. In the contents I saw an install executable and I am not sure what to do with it. Do I just run the game executeable or do I have to install it. I am not sure what to do there. With DosBox do games run direct, or do they have to be installed somewhere like in old Dos.
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