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A month has passed since the release of the game. The patch along with the voice pack have not been released yet, so I figured "what the heck, let me just take a look of the game first, and I can always apply the patch and/or the voice pack later on."

So I tried to install the setup_kq3.exe file I already downloaded a month ago (using GetRight). Well, I received an error message, "KQ3.000 contains invalid data (error 21FC)" or something like that. I thought the file got corrupted during the downloading process. So yesterday I spent all day (hey, I am still on dial-up so it does take a long time to download it) re-downloading the setup_kq3.exe file. And guess what? The same old error 21FC appeared. I read from their forum that many people also experienced this problem. They said it is a problem with the mirror, but I am 100% sure the mirror (given through the official website) I used yesterday is different from the mirror I used last month. Besides, a month has passed already, why can't the problem with the mirror fixed already? Downloading that size for a dial-upper is no trivia matter.

Guess I have to download again *sigh* :wallbash:
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