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Red face

Originally Posted by yoga View Post
I tried to install Asghan, no result.
I used Daemon tools and when i pressed on _setup.exe, nothing happened.
I installed NGlide, no result.

Then i converted file asghan.nrg in asghan.iso using Izarc.
Then i created new directory in C, named game.
Then i copy/paste asghan.iso file in directory game in hdd C.

Then i started Dosbox, namely:

Z:>mount c c:\ Enter
answer: Z:>
I wrote
Z:>C: press Enter
I wrote
C:>imgmount e c:>game\asghan.iso -t iso Enter
again i made some change
C:>imgmount e c:>asghan.iso -t iso Enter
Game not started.

Can You, dear mates, advice me?

Thank You

PC:I do have DWD.
I have only file asghan.nrg about 630 MB and some small file readme.txt (not sure).

Please, do not act after above text.
After started command DIR, i discovered that file asghan.iso is 1 KB only!!
So, mates, wait me.
Excuse me.

10 minutes later:
I recovered file asghan.iso in directory game to original value of about 630 MB and repeated execution in DosBox:

C:>imgmount e c:>game\asghan.iso -t iso Enter
Could not load image file: c:\game\asghan.iso
MSCDEX: failure:Invalid file or unable to open

Then i give up.
Originally Posted by zirkoni View Post
It's a Windows game and I'm pretty sure the installer is a Windows executable as well. So, don't use DOSBox.

_setup.exe seems like an odd name for an installer (does it really have the underscore _ ?). Maybe there's another file that is the actual installer?

Can IZArc really convert an nrg image to iso? I doubt it. That's why you can't even mount the iso-image in DOSBox, the iso-image is corrupted.

I'm surprised that works (the > instead of a \ ). You should do it like this:
imgmount d c:\game\asghan.iso -t cdrom
But as I said because this is a Windows game using DOSBox does not help.
Originally Posted by yoga View Post

Dear Zirconi,

Thank You for Yr help.

Game was created 1999.

Pls see attachment.
File is really _setup.exe
No other installers.

imgmount d c:\game\asghan.iso -t cdrom
I try it. Same result.

Yes, i think the iso-image is corrupted.

Have You got some new ideas/ways to install that nice game?

Thank You very much in advance.

crying yoga
Dear Yoga.

I own this game in physical form (CD).

It may be that the game is incompatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. This is what happened to me when trying to install and play Largo Winch, Final Fantasy VIII, etc. on Windows 7.

There are 2 ways around this problem:

01) Use the Virtual Machine. I used Oracle VM VirtualBox (free);

02) Installing Windows XP on another HDD and simply launch the Boot Menu at the beginning of the (re)boot of the PC to select which HDD should start to boot. If you install Windows XP on a different partition, but on the same HDD, you should install a program that serves as a Boot Menu. I even installed the Acronis program, but I forgot its name (Windows XP, Windows 98SE, Windows 95 on the same HDD).


I think Windows 7, perhaps from Business and Ultimate editions, has a “Virtual Machine” called Windows XP Mode. I did not like it as it looks very simple and poor.

I think Oracle Virtual Machine is much better, but I personally prefer to use multi-boot.

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