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Red face

Originally Posted by twillight View Post

Then there's the fact the series promotes bullying. You can not describe otherwise how all the faceless local students constantly handle Ash.
Maybe they are losing face as they are wasting time with a piece of trash like TrAsh...

Originally Posted by twillight View Post

PS: camouflaged Professor Oak is top scary too.
I got the impression that TrAsh is treated as a piece of trash wherever he goes...


ashes to ashes, dust to dust and trash to trash”...

Regarding Professor Oak ... Well, Poke-man Bonk! Bonk! and Pokemon... all, without exception, fear Professor Oak , since his ESPER Powers can nullify their Supernatural Powers... Hellp! Hellp!

I just hope there are no sneezes *achoo* or his ears are not red nor itchy...
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