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Originally Posted by Smiling Spectre View Post

Here is another Background Manual... but it's identical by hints.

I have no idea from where this typed manual came from. %)
I think that another version is very interesting, Grandmaster Spectreman. It confirms that the Basic Manual and Background Manual are the same.

Another thing, just to clarify. Other browsers such as Google Chrome, Yandex, Microsoft Edge can also save pages as PDF. However, versions of Pages saved as PDF via Browsers mentioned using Print »Save as PDF suck!

Only the new Opera can save the Page almost the same as the original Page.

Regarding the MHT / MHTML format, you could use other Browsers to save the Page. However, these Browsers (Opera 12.16.1860 and Internet Explorer on Windows 7) have been discontinued and SeaMonkey would be “the latest discontinued Browser” although it is necessary to install Add-ons to save Page in MHT / MHTML Format. I do not know if Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 lets you save Pages in MHT / MHTML.
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