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Originally Posted by FreeFreddy View Post
Yeah, now you have that jewel of the game here! Have fun with it, anyone!
Btw, my advise is: choose Myrran-ability and take as race the Night Elves, they produce one magic point per population and their ranged units (magicians, clerics etc.) are more powerful than any of the other races.
More of an advantage is that they ALL get a weak ranged attack, even Spearmen.
But trade-offs are too high. No one likes them, so you'll have around lots of occupation forces just to have cities pay taxes. Which raises upkeep. Yes, garrisoned troops need to survive mindblasts and suchlike before you summon reinforcement, so Res +3 is good, but you don't need to make them in your capitol, and there are better - Dwarves (Res +4), Halflings (Res +2 Lucky), Beastmen (Res +1 HP x2), Trolls (Res +3 HP x4).
Another problem is the same as with High elves: very slow growth (-20). The high values per population aren't so hot if there's less of population in the first place. Sure, tiny villages are not so useless... but again, they remain tiny forever.
Half of this mana bonus you can have from Draconians or High Elves for -10 growth, or even from Beastmen with normal growth.
Extra mana from cities also comes with gold bonus or work bonus (via trade goods) using alchemy, especially if you do 1:1. Funny coincidence - Nomads have trade bonus, and Jafar who is clearly supposed to start with them has Alchemy retort.
And the creature making toothpicks of my five-foot patent wheels.
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