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Default We need more translators!!!

Right now, this is how many people are in each translation project - and take into account some of them have been inactive for quite a while too.

Bulgarian: 2
Croatian: 2
Czech: 1
Danish: 3
Dutch: 4
French: 1
German: 3
Greek: 0
Hebrew: 0
Hungarian: 3
Icelandic: 0
Italian: 3
Norwegian: 1
Polish: 5
Portuguese: 7
Romanian: 4
Serbian: 0
Slovak: 2
Slovenian: 0
Spanish: 4
Swedish: 1
Turkish: 0

Obviously, we NEED more translators... a LOT more.
If you are good with any of the above languages (in addition to English), can devote a modest amount of time to translating reviews and want to help out - sign on to the translator groups ASAP

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