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Originally Posted by Capo View Post
no yoga, morrowind is a good game also without mod, it just became a better game with mod, oblivion without mod is a bad game, try go in the arena right now, you will win because all the creature of the world have your same level, you could even go in the oblivion realm right now and defeat anything at level 5.
Ah, wait to the see the bandidts with a full deadric armour.
OK, Caro Capo, i agree with Your post above.
You are better gamer and i am novice in Oblivion.
If You allow me to note about how strong are opponents in Morrowind and Oblivion i think and feel that now in Oblivion they are stronger than in Morrowind.
But this is my opinion. Maybe another gamers have different opinions?

..bandits..? Who and where are these unfortunates?
I beat Lord Xeen, Frank, Lord Chaos, even Dagoth Ur.
Who want to try brave power??

I am Knight, Lady. In Morrowind i met some funny looking monsters, even crabs, ha ha ha only the flying ones teased me little bit more. Till here the opponents are good armed and equipped, attack together, every one used spells and more..

Please, i do not argue with You, no. Just friendly conversation about nuances of this nice game.
Excuse me You started the new game Legend of Grimrock? If Yes how do You evaluate this game?

PS: Dear Hunvagy, still i am waiting for Your comment about the fact the brave runs Oblivion with his old PC.
Do not make personal remarks - said Alice.
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