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Talking Skyrim the hardest game ever played

Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
I may be pretty outdated when talking about my favorite RPGs since itís been years since I stopped playing games. I can own the games mentioned above and not have played them, being only a collector of game titles.

I take into consideration 03 main factors / aspects that appeal to me in a game / movie / animation:

01) Story or plot of the game;
02) The characters in the game;
03) BGM (Background Music).

The secondary aspects:

01) The gameplay (and flow of the film / animation);
02) The graphics of the game;
03) Full Voice.

Taking all of the above into consideration, I enjoyed many of the following games below:

01) Lands of Lore;
02) Drakensang series;
03) Brave Soul (J-RPG eroge).

PS: I consider Dragon Age series and Mass Effect series with too many dialogues and many crossroads in the decisions that can change the direction of the story / route. And FFVIII has many silly jokes...

Merci, amigo,
Lands of Lore is pretty nice game indeed.

Mama Mia.....

Why Skyrim is so hard???

1. One tech problem:
From time to time i heard un pleased noise like Puuug.

2. Second playing problem:
Why authors deactivate the subtitles?
Really, very "clever" act, idiots.

3. Third problem:
I have to speak with some youngster named Aventus Aretino.
Very well.
I locate its home.
But it is so high.

Dear Japo,
would you be so kind tell me where to buy some jetpack, por favor?

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