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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
My Quotes:
In this case, there are players who would find it fun to overcome the difficulties of passing on a phase even if they need to (re)try more than 10 times... Or participate in many battles over and over again just to increase the level and skills of their Character... Very common case mainly in Console Games such as PS3 and PS4... Uncharted, Lego Star Wars, etc. which would definitely not be my case.

Just like there are people who prefer the genres of game Action / Adventure / Puzzle / RPG / Strategy, but they dislike Sports. That would be my case. I do not see appeals in Sports games such as Soccer Matches, Racing, etc.
I didn't understand your answer, actually.

Situation 1: You don't like to grind or retry. You don't play this games. I can understand it.

Situation 2: You don't like to grind, so you cheat... But why? If you don't like basic gameplay, why to play the games that built on it, instead finding game that suit you? %) It's like buying the castle, complaining that it haven't window walls and centralized heating, and then removing most of walls, replacing it with glass, bricks and modern wallpapers. It's possible, but why, if you could buy modern apartments right from the start? %)
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