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Originally Posted by cnquist View Post
Wow. I just read the review and none of the comments but I can say this was refreshing. It was good to hear a negative review on this game. I will say it didn;t change my opinion as this is one of my favorite games that I never beat. I think you are right that this game loses the feel of old classic RPG games with bare-bones for the story, however it feels a little more like a classic table-top RPG with a really good DM who can make up are really good and immersive story. Granted he isn't that good of an DM because he isn't very good at balancing combat. It was a joy to play and I sometimes go back and play it a different way just to see if I can find new things. I usually do. I think it is telling though that I never can finish the game and the reason is the combat just isn't very good. On that same not I can't finish other RPGs because the story and characters aren't any good. I guess it needs to find that happy middle ground. In my opinion many more games fall short in making a good story than in making combat fun. Overall it was good to read an extremely critical review on a game I usually praise highly.

The reviewer really picked all the meat off the bones there.

"If you think Oblivion is a poor example of an RPG, add Planescape onto the list it might as well have been a piking text adventure for all the RPG gameplay it is."

The main feeling I take from the review is that the reviewer thinks the game shouldn't be categorized as an RPG and he detests that aspect, IOW, the gall that this game is considered an RPG is the main complaint. It's more of a critique of what is an RPG opposed to what isn't... I get that point, but I felt the game Planescape was well worth the time, it delivered a compelling story.

The biggest obstacle, for P Torment, and say a Morrowind, is the amount one invests in immersion. You have to get comfortable with the setting and atmosphere and that takes some effort, relatively speaking, you're not a hero looking for gold in a dungeon a la Diablo. One might get turned off by the quirky setting, the planes and the inhabitants, they are unconventional. I liked that, though...
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