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I'd truly like to rate this game higher, I really would - I quite like the whole tactical mining game setup. But the interface to me is beyond "poor" on to "utterly game-destroying"...

The 5-man team would be useful given the mouse-based "tell a unit to go off and do... something or other for the glory of [insert race here]", but the fact that the mouse controls are so unwieldy means that by the time you've given two of your men orders, the other three have already decided to get bored and wander suicidally into some manner of danger... I'd not normally mind, as I've managed to complete Lemmings 2, but at least the Lemmings had predictable behaviour for where they'd wander off to, rather than "Ooh, I'm bored, let's do... something or other counter-intuitive...".

Fortunately, I've also played Extractors, the sequel to this, which sorts some of the problems out by giving keyboard controls, allowing this game's orders to be tapped out in under a second each (even if it doesn't explain what's going on very well...). However, to be absolutely fair, I'd have to recommend the Clonk series over either Diggers game.
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