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Originally Posted by Mystvan View Post
Ugh! Great Emperor Japo(deis) ... The main site is experiencing login issues again...

Thanks in advance.
Dear Emperor Japo,

I give my awesome status to Myst (erious Mystvan) unfortunately. I am very fortunate here in Houston after the flood all over Texas! My home escape unscathed. My families returned to normal after fleeing for their lives. I was not fortunate to go on a convenient vacation with them. The summary I want to make is Myst has been a good contribution and a good peacekeeper. Somehow I have managed to get ban twice within a year. It is my favourite site I go to every single day when not on ban yet I get ban anyways. I have learn my lesson to be humble and just be a peon thank you God of Heaven. Did you know there are many peons but I am the lowest ranked. Back in the days when it all began people stepped all over me (not literally but that is besides the point; I felt it in my hearts). So I want to spare my dear counselor Myst the same fate of self absorbed unfortune. What I am getting at is I am low on the totum and I want to help EVERYONE to be spared the humble feelings I feel. Further more I think it is rather somehow a priviledge that I have managed 100 posts and counting!!!!! In addition I have a solution to a problem; stick with your friends. You don't really know if that pretty or handsome picture is actually an animal or not#!! Actually it could be the reincarnate of Chessmaster Bobby Fischer and not the animal I thought would be. But to close the point I am suggesting Myst be rewarded with mod status. Of all the times here Myst has been rather active and a sensible rational soul except for the artistic haircut for cosmetic appeal. When I go to get my hair cut I just want it cut; I don't want it to look anything special. However I am happy. What I really want to say is Thank you to all the free will people of God of Heaven for supporting me in my quest for protection for my Vietnamese Kingdom. 1 God of Heaven to rule us all; we are mere people and God looks from above to see all people including me the lowest peon. However I get by. Sometimes I feel low but God of Heaven gave me a gold ring once for marriage but I lost it somehow. 9228387438
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