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As a user who has been around for quite a while, thank you very much for all that you do.

Originally Posted by Japo View Post
Because of the high amount of spam posts in the forums, and because of the comparatively low legitimate traffic and availability of moderators, and because of the bother this spam represents to legitimate users and the burden to the moderators, we are forced to activate user moderation. We will experiment with the options, but from now on newly registered users should require a moderator's approval before their posts appear to everyone else.

We hope this will make the forum a much better place for the legitimate users that remain, and that it's still possible for new users to arrive if they have good intentions.

EDIT: It seems the change isn't working as expected -- in the sense that new users aren't being restricted as intended at all -- as so many things on the website, so we will look more into how to implement this if possible.

(Announcement on website -- now un-publised)
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